Schizodiplomacy I (rr14)

by Mick Bullock

1. After each Spring and Fall move, one province is randomly chosen to split.  It splits into two spaces, each occupying roughly half of the old province.  The gamemaster decides exactly how the space is to be split, and informs the players of how it splits.  If there were a unit in the province, it becomes two units (one in each new province).  If the province was a supply-center, both new provinces are supply centers provinces, both belonging to the player that owned the original province when it split (if any).  Split home centers become two home center provinces.

2. In addition, one province is black-holed, at the end of each Spring and Fall move (See Black Hole Rules).  Beginning with the Spring, 1904 turn, one province becomes passable.

3. Victory is determined by possession of a majority of the supply centres currently in existence.