Sail Ho! I (fn07)

by “Tarzan”

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There are 4 powers in the Sail Ho! variant. Each power has 2 Home Supply Centers (SCs). The Map contains a total of 16 SCs; half of these SCs are Home SCs and half are “neutral” SCs. Victory is achieved when 9 SCs are controlled by a single power.

The tricky part of Sail Ho! is that half of the total number of SCs are located on islands! Thus, there is an incentive for players to make ample use of the “convoy” order.

There were a total of 59 Provinces (42 Land Provinces and 17 Water Provinces). 11 of the Land Provinces were located on islands.

Two of the Land Provinces had “split coasts”: Village of Psyche (Psy) – East and West coasts; Shrine to Hestia (Hes) – North and South coasts

There were 16 Supply Centers (SCs). Half of the SCs were located on islands. 9 SCs were required for a solo victory.

There were 4 Powers, each with 2 Home SCs. Each Power started with 2 units (one in each of his Home SCs).

This version was superseded by Sail Ho! II – for which see starting positions etc