River Diplomacy (rb119)

by Dennis Brennan

1. Use the Standard map, but two rivers appear: the Rhine and the Danube.

The Rhine

The Rhine river is in the following zones: Holland, Ruhr, Burgundy, Munich. (The river comprises the border between Burgundy and Munich).

The Danube

The Danube river is in the following zones: Vienna, Budapest, Serbia, Bulgaria, Rumania. (The river comprises part of the border between Bulgaria and Rumania and then enters Rumania proper before emptying into the Black Sea.)

2. Fleets can move from one river zone to an adjacent river zone in the same way as crawling along a coast. For instance, a fleet in Belgium may be ordered to Ruhr. Because the Rhine river comprises the border between Bur and Mun, a fleet in Ruh can be ordered to either Bur or Mun. A fleet in Mun can be ordered to Bur and vice versa. Similar rules apply to the Danube.

3. Germany can build fleets in Mun. Austria can build fleets in Vie and Bud. Fleets on rivers can support into any zone into which they can move. Note: Because the Danube comprises part of the northern border of Bulgaria, it is necessary to distinguish a fleet on the Danube in Bulgaria from a fleet at Bul (ec) or Bul (sc). A fleet on the Danube in Bulgaria should be referred to as at Bul (nc).

4. Fleets on rivers can convoy, and can participate in a convoy including fleets at sea. Thus, F Ruh can convoy A Bel – Mun. F ENG, F Bel and F Mun can convoy A Bre to Mun.

5. A fleet dislodged from a river province may be able to retreat to a river province. Thus, if F Hol is dislodged from an attack from Bel, F Hol can retreat to Ruh (provided that Ruh is vacant). A fleet in Mun which is dislodged may only retreat to Ruh or Bur. If neither province is a valid retreat, the fleet is destroyed.

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