Reversed Diplomacy (uu22)

by Ricardo Moraes

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Short description:

This is a variant of Diplomacy played with same rules on a modified map. The main changes are: (1) Switzerland is passable;
(2) All former Powers are now sea regions;
(3) All former sea regions are now land territories.


There are 5 Powers, named after ancient harbours: Bristol (B), Lubeck (L), Nicosia (N), Ragusa (R), Tangier (T).

Supply Centers:

Each Power own a unique Supply Center. They are: Irish (B), Baltic (L), East Mediterranean (N), Adriatic (R), West Mediterranean (T).

There are 3 neutral Supply Centers: Caspian, Norwegian, Switzerland.

Winning conditions:

5 home centers + 3 neutral = 8 total centers.
5 needed to win.

Game calendar:

The game starts at Spring 1901, succeed by Autumn 1901, Spring 1902 and so on, in two-season cycles per year.

Starting positions (Spring 1901):

Bristol (B): F Iri
Lubeck (L): F Bal
Nicosia (N): F Ems
Ragusa (R): F Ads
Tangier (T): F Wms

Even if all Powers start owning Fleets, there are no restrictions to build Armies after Autumn 1901.

Abbreviations (see map):

Ads: Adriatic
Aeg: Aegean
AFR: African Sea
AUS: Austrian Sea
Bal: Baltic
Bar: Barents
Bla: Black
BRI: British Sea
Cas: Caspian
Ems: East Mediterranean
Eng: English
FRA: French Sea
GER: German Sea
Gob: Bothnia
Gol: Lyon
Hel: Heligoland
Ion: Ionian
Iri: Irish
ITA: Italian Sea
Mao: Middle Atlantic
Nao: North Atlantic
Nth: North
Nwg: Norwegian
RUS: Russian Sea
SCA: Scandinavian Sea
SER: Serbian Sea
Ska: Skagerrak
SPA: Spanish Sea
Swi: Switzerland
TUR: Turkish Sea
Tys: Tyrrenian
Wms: West Mediterranean