Pride of Armies (cb35)

by Fred C. Davis

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0. The regular Diplomacy rulebook applies save where amended below. 

1. Each player starts with the following units: 

ENGLAND:  F(London); F(Edinburgh); F(Liverpool); A(Birmingham) 

FRANCE:   A(Paris); A(Lyons); A(Marseilles): F(Brest) 

GERMANY:  A(Berlin); A(Munich); F(Hamburg); A(Koln) 

ITALY:    F(Rome); F(Naples); A(Ancona); A(Milan) 

RUSSIA:   F(St.Petersburg); A(Archangel); A(Kiev); A(Moscow); A or F (Sevastopol) 

TURKEY:   A(Constantinople); A(Ankara); F(Smyrna); A or F (Sinope) 

2. Both of the off-board boxes, the West Ocean Box and the South Ocean Box may contain any number of Fleets or A/F’s.  The Western Ocean Box is connected to NAO, SAO and MAO while the South Ocean Box is connected to Mal, ION and EMS.  The two Ocean Boxes are also connected to each other. 

A fleet within a box may support another fleet in and moving out of that box.  A fleet on the board may support a fleet moving out of a box.  A fleet in a box may not support any unit outside the box. 

3. All units may move and support between Andalucia and Morocco, Naples and Sicily and Clyde and Ireland without interfering with normal fleet and A/F movement.  Fleets and A/F’s may also move directly from the Baltic Sea to the Skagerrak and vice versa, although they may not support between these two spaces.  Edinburgh touches Hebrides.  Persia touches Siberia. 

4. Switzerland is occupied by a standing army which must be dislodged before it can be occupied. 

5. Convoys by the standard rulebook method is allowed only across a single sea space and shall be referred to as a “Fast Ferry”. 

6. A/F movement rules

See the A/F Rules Module which precedes Pride of Armies

7. The Blitz Move.  On any spring move, one army belonging to each player may make a “Blitz Move”.  This move entitles the army in question to move two spaces instead of one within its homeland.  The second move is made immediately before all regular moves.  Thus an Italian A(Milan) could move to Apulia or Rome. 

8. A player may not order a unit to disband or retreat to an off-board box.  A unit will only retreat off-board if no other retreat is possible. 

If a player fails to submit a valid retreat order then retreats are made to the province immediately to the right of the border between the dislodged unit and the attacking unit, if this is not possible then the first space to the left, then the next nearest to the right, then the next nearest to the left… etc.  Sea spaces are only counted when the retreating unit is a fleet of an A/F. 

9. Certain players may also build fleets in additional home provinces namely: 

ENGLAND:  Clyde.      FRANCE:  Gironde.

GERMANY:  Pomerania.  RUSSIA: Circassia. 

10. In the event of an unordered removal in a postal game the GM must remove the unit whose removal he judges will gives the least advantage to any of the other players. 

11. There are 49 supply centres, ownership of 23 in an Autumn season is need to win the game.