Pointless Diplomacy (vb06)

by Steve Jilks

1. All normal Diplomacy rules apply except where modified below.

2. Those partaking are Russia and Turkey; Russia starts with A Sev and Turkey starts with A Ank.

3. The only areas passable to the units are Sev, BLA, and Ank.

4. The winner is the first to occupy the Black Sea.

5. If no result is reached by Spring 1904, the game is considered a “draw”.

6. If a player NMRs, he/she is terminated from the game and his/her opponent wins.

I mentioned this on the phone to Martin Lewis the other week and he was so hysterical with laughter he fell over.  So is life.  I asked him if he was interested playing a game against me, but by that time he was being taken away quickly to the infamous 95 Vicarage Road Toilet Room to let out some giggling urine!  (So is life).  Ow’ about it?  I’ll be a Turk and you can be a Tsar.  Spring 1901 move by next time.