Paraguay (lr03)

by Patrick Walmsley

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Paraguay is a 3-player variant, set during the “War of the Triple Alliance” in South America, from 1864 to 1869. The war started when Paraguay’s dictator, Francisco Solano Lopez, announced his support for the Blanco faction in a civil war in Uruguay.  Dom Pedro II, Emperor of Brazil, backed the rival Colorado group.

War erupted when Brazilian troops invaded Uruguay to aid the Colorados.  Paraguay’s army responded by attacking Brazil’s Mato Grosso province.  Bartoleme Mitre, leader of Argentina, later joined the war on the Brazilian side when a Paraguayan army crossed Argentine territory in an attempt to aid the Blancos in Uruguay.

The starting positions are :


A Cordoba
A Pampas
A Rosario
F Buenos Aires 


A Curitiba
A Minas Gerais
A Porto Alegre
A Sao Paulo
F Rio de Janeiro             

A Asuncion                   
A Concepcion                 
A Pilcomayo                  
There are 16 supply centres, so you need 9 to win