Ooh Ever So Nasty Diplomacy (rb117)

by Brian Creese and Ken Bain

1.    The usual rules of Diplomacy will apply save where noted below. 

2.      Players must antagonise all other countries as far as possible. 

3.      Support for any unit of another country is not allowed. 

4.    Any press should be hostile and/or abusive. 

5.    No agreed draw will be allowed, though the game may be concede to a single player. 

6.    If the GM has reason to believe that an alliance of any sort has been formed, the units of the participating countries will stand in civil disorder for that season. 

Out of interest, the game run in NMR! ended after Autumn 1902 when the players accepted the GMs suggestion that the game was in fact unplayable (Tunis was still neutral and Russia ahead on 7 centres) due to the fact that no one could define what “antagonism” was. 

A possibility for Ooh Ever So Nasty Diplomacy II would be to replace rule 2 with the following: 

2.    The following rules override all other orders for such units (even NMRs!): 

      (a) Any unit next to a vacant centre owned by another player must attempt to move there; in the event that a unit is adjacent to two or more centres owned by another power(s) the controlling player may decide which to go for (alphabetically by default); 

      (b) Any units which can mount a supported attack on an enemy unit must attempt to do so or support such an attack (whether their support is needed or not). In the event that more than one set of attacks is possible the player concerned may choose (GMs discretion by default). 

That makes the game more like draughts during which you can force your opponent out of position by offering him gains (and then take advantage of the fact that retreats come after movement). Probably best played anonymously. Okay, silly idea.