Nuclear Diplomacy (I) (rn13)

by Jeremy Maiden

0. All rules of Regular 1971 apply with these modifications.

1. In each winter, starting with the first (1950), a country with all its home scs controlled & intact receives a Hydrogen bomb in its capital city.  (Mos is now Russian capital.)  For each three controlled centers including home ones the country received an Atomic bomb in any chosen supply center (the capital if unordered and possible).

2. A bomb may move two spaces in Spring or Autumn seasons, it may not be stood off, convoyed, supported or forced to retreat but can be disbanded (“Defused”?).  A bomb may also be ordered to explode and given any comprehensible conditional orders.  An A bomb black holes its target, ie makes it impassable like Switzerland and destroys any unit in it.  Detonations occur at the end of a movement season.  H bombs black hole the target space and all its neighbors.

3. A bomb can be captured when in the same space as another country’s unit and not ordered to explode.  A captured bomb becomes the property of the capturer for all purposes.

4. When a country possesses neither centres nor units it is eliminated and its bombs work from conditional orders or stand in anarchy if they have none appropriate.