Neutrals Diplomacy (rw06)

by Ricardo Moraes

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Short description:

This is a variant of Diplomacy played with same rules on a modified map. The main changes are: (1) Switzerland (Swi) is passable;
(2) All former Powers are now neutral regions;
(3) All former neutral regions are grouped on Powers.


There are 5 Powers: Alps (A), Balkans (B), Iberia (I), Low Countries (L), Scandinavia (S).

Supply Centers:

Each Power has 3 home SCs. The Supply Centers owned by ancient Powers are now neutral SCs.

Winning conditions:

15 home centers + 22 neutral = 37 total centers.
19 needed to win.

Game calendar:

The game starts at Spring 1901, succeed by Autumn 1901, Spring 1902 and so on, in two-season cycles per year.

Starting positions (Spring 1901):

Alps (A): A Swi, F Pie, A Tyr
Balkans (B): A Ser, F Gre, A Rum
Iberia (I): A Por, F Spa, F Tun
Low Countries (L): A Bel, F Hol, A Ruh
Scandinavia (S): A Den, F Nwy, A Swe