Multi-Diplomacy (rm38)

by Matt Quartermain

1. The Diplomacy Rulebook (1971) Games Research Inc. will apply unless otherwise set out below.

2. The decision of the GM will remain final in all cases of ambiguity or orders.

3. In cases of GM errors, any challenge to the GM’s adjudication must be received by the GM by the following deadline.  No such challenge may be made if received after that date.

4. In cases of alleged error, the GM may issue a revised final adjudication, or at his sole discretion refer to an independent adjudicator chosen by the GM.  In this exceptional case, the GM’s decision will be superseded.

5. Seven boards will be in play, numbered 1 to 7.

6. Each player will have one country per board, as follows:

 Board 1Board 2Board 3Board 4Board 5Board 6Board 7
Player One:GEAFRIT
Player Two:TGEAFRI
Player Three:ITGEAFR
Player Four:RITGEAF
Player Five:FRITGEA
Player Six:AFRITGE
Player SevenEAFRITG

7. Units may move or support across boards, as long as they are adjacent.  An adjacent board is one with its number one different.  Note that boards 1 and 7 are adjacent also.

8. The following moves are legal:


9. In all orders the province and the board involved must be specified both of unit and destination or will be ignored.

10. In all support and convoy orders, nationality must also be specified.

11. Builds and removals must be specified as per the rule book for one player playing more than one country.

12. The winner is the one who controls at least 120 centers.