Modern Diplomacy III (qp11)

by Ricardo Moraes and Vincent Mous

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This is a variant of  Modern Diplomacy II by Vincent Mous


2 center powers: Britain (B), Egypt (E), France (F), Germany (G), Italy (I), Poland (P), Spain (S),
Turkey (T), Ukraine (U)

3 center power: Russia (R)

Starting positions (Spring 1994):

Britain (B): F Edi, F Lon
Egypt (E): F Ale, A Cai
France (F): A Par, F Mar
Germany (G): F Ham, A Ber
Italy (I): A Rom, F Ven
Poland (P): F Gda, A War
Russia (R): A Mos, A Ros, F Stp
Spain (S): A Mad, F Bar
Turkey (T): F Ank, A Ist
Ukraine (U): A Kie, F Sev

Winning conditions:

21 home centers + 24 neutral = 45 total centers. 23 needed to win.

Game calendar:

The game starts at Spring 1994, succeed by Autumn 1994, Spring 1995 and so on, in two-season
cycles per year.

Differences from original Modern Diplomacy:

All powers owns only two home centers (exception: Russia owns three).

All powers are divided in a number of territories equals to three times its home centers (nine
territories in case of Russia, six territories for anybody else). This condition implied in some
territories adjustment: Ast (Spain), Sid (Egypt), Tre (Turkey) and Lod (Poland) were created, while
Auv (France), Tus (Italy) and Gor (Russia) were deleted.

The supply centers in small geographical features were deleted (Monaco and Gibraltar), and its
territories were absorbed by Mar (France) and And (Spain), respectively.

All internal boundaries in neutral countries were excluded. So Algeria and Norway now form entire
countries (Western Sahara and Laponia were deleted).

Caspian Sea is unreachable, hence Iran have just south coast. The original Rostov channel into
Caspian Sea don’t exist in this variant.

Some minor drawing adjustments were made in map, specially in southern Jordanian border (now it
touches RED clearly) and ARC-Ice frontiers.