Minor Power (rs54)

Designer Unknown

The game where both major and minor powers have power

This is a 19-player variant with a mix between major powers, the seven great powers in the standard game, and twelve minor powers, where each supply center which is neutral in the standard game starts out as a one-center power in this variant. The twelve minor powers are listed below.

The major powers start with the same units they have in the standard game. Minor powers which are coastal provinces are free to choose their starting unit. This is the trade-off between major and minor powers. Once units are selected, the game proceeds according to the standard rules with the one exception that powers may build in any owned supply center, not just home supply centers.

For the judge implementation of this variant, a game of the chaos variant is created and adjusted from 34 players to 19 with the help of the judge-keeper. Since the Chaos variant is used, all players are able to submit initial builds, but the major powers are still required to choose the same units as in the standard game. Also because Chaos is used, the standard power abbreviations cannot be used. With apologies, the new abbreviations are:

A-Austria-Hungary: Budapest, Trieste, Vienna.
E-England : Edinburgh, Liverpool, London.
F-France : Brest, Marseilles, Paris.
G-Germany : Berlin, Kiel, Munich.
I-Italy : Naples, Rome, Venice.
R-Russia : Moscow, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Warsaw.
T-Turkey : Ankara, Constantinople, Smyrna.

There are 12 minor powers. These are the former neutral supply centres. Although they have fewer centres/units than the major powers, through negotiations and strategy, not to mention banding together, each has a real chance of winning the game. They are:

0-Belgium : Belgium.
1-Bulgaria: Bulgaria.
2-Spain : Spain.
3-Serbia : Serbia.
4-Sweden : Sweden.
5-Greeece : Greece.
6-Tunis : Tunis.
7-Rumania : Rumania.
D-Denmark : Denmark.
H-Holland : Holland.
N-Norway : Norway.
P-Portugal: Portugal.