Mind Reader (rb65)

by Eric Brosius

Use the standard rules of Diplomacy, except as follows:

1. Each Spring and each Fall turn, each player may select one of his or her units as a Mind Reader.  A different unit may be selected each time, or the same unit may be used repeatedly.  A player is not required to choose a Mind Reader.

2. The Mind Reader may read the mind of any other single unit on the board.  The Mind Reader’s orders may be conditional upon the orders given to that other unit for the same turn (though not upon whether those orders succeed or fail).

3. A Mind Reader which tries to read the mind of a Mind Reader is confused and is ordered to hold.

4. If a game has a GM, the GM reveals which units are Mind Readers and which unit’s mind each Mind Reader tried to read.  Only the order the Mind Reader is actually given is revealed, however, not the complete set of conditionals.