Migrating Supply Center (rr13)

by Lew Pulsipher (?)

At the end of each Spring and Fall move, one supply center province is randomly chosen to have its supply center migrate.  The supply center migrates to one of the adjacent provinces; which adjacent province is chosen at random.

Migrating supply centers retain their ownership; if, however, a supply center migrates to a province occupied by an enemy unit is a Fall turn, the supply center is captured by that unit.

There may be multiple supply-center provinces, i.e., provinces which contain more than one supply center.  If such a province is chosen to be the province from which a supply center migrate, only one of the province’s supply centers migrates.

Sea province may become supply center provinces.

VB suggested rules (not part of the original game):

Home centers can migrate, and if they move units may be built in the new location.

Home centers can’t migrate into another home center.  If this happens, another random center move will be done.