Mercenary I (rs10)

By Colin Bennett

1) Except as indicated below, the standard rules (1971) apply.

2) Mercenary is a games for five players, who represent the powers of England, France, Austria, Russia, and Turkey.  Germany, and Italy are neutral.

3) In addition to the standard units, there are two mercenary armies (MA) which start the game in Berlin and Naples.  These have the strength of three armies each.

4) The game begins in Spring 1901.  The following area are impassable throughout 1901:  Germany, Italy and Denmark, Ionian Sea.

5) The mercenary armies become available for hire in Spring 1902.  Players hire the armies for each year by sacrificing supply centers during the preceding winter.  The highest bidder may then submit orders for the mercenaries belong to their hirer.

6) Berlin and Naples are defended by a permanent garrison of strength two armies.  If either of the two centers is occupied, then the mercenary army concerned must immediately retreat towards it at conventional rates.  The garrisons are not destroyed if the center is occupied, and the two centers revert to neutrality if unoccupied during an Autumn move.

7) Mercenary armies, if destroyed, are immediately rebuilt after any autumn move that their supply centers are unoccupied.

8) An attack upon a mercenary army which is supporting can cut the support of the mercenary to the strength which is attacking.

9) Any mercenary army occupying a coastal province can, at the option of its employer, be converted to a fleet.  Similarly a mercenary fleet can be converted to an army.

The above rules are very rough, and have never been play tested.  All readers are invited to send their suggested amendments and additions to me.  Waiting lists are open for this game.