MegaStab (rd23)

by Glenn Overby

1. The current edition of the Rules of Diplomacy will be in effect where not in conflict with these variant rules, which shall take precedence.

2. Overview. MegaStab is a seven‑player Diplomacy variant. It’s prime feature is a limited‑intelligence method which never requires added notes to players, or individual adjudications. Only one game report per turn needs to be printed.

3. Game Reports. The key rules of MegaStab all pertain to how the move results are reported. Otherwise, the game is regular Diplomacy.

a. Move orders are only reported if they fail.

b. Hold orders are only reported if the unit is dislodged. (This includes unordered units.)

c. Support orders are only reported if they are cut, or if the unit supported: A) does not exist; or B) was not so ordered.

d. Convoy orders are only reported if they fail (unit convoyed does not exist, unit convoyed not so ordered, fleet in convoy chain dislodged, “unwanted convoy” ruling, etc.).

e. In other words, failed orders are printed; successes remain secret. The only time a reason is cited for an order’s failure is when an order is addressed to a unit that does not exist.

f. When a unit is dislodged, a note is appended: (retreats to xxx), (disbands), (annihilated) as appropriate.

g. Builds and removals are printed as made.

h. Supply center reports are made each Fall as follows:

(1) Supply centers which changed hands:

(2) Supply centers which are no longer neutral:

(3) Supply centers which are still neutral:

i. NMR (“no moves received”) will be printed when appropriate.

4. Miscellaneous. This variant is suited only to postal play. It should ideally be played British‑style (retreats ordered conditionally with the moves). If the instructions above are followed carefully, each player will always know the status of his own units, and number and name of his own centers, without needing separate updates from the GM.