Medieval Diplomacy VI (me03)

by Gytis Karciauskas

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The game begins in 1411 – the Late Middle Ages. There are 8 great powers in Europe: Castile, England, France, Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Kalmar Union, Ottoman Empire, and Poland-Lithuania. Standard Diplomacy rules apply, only the map is changed, and 20 SCs are needed for the victory. The current variant is Medieval2.

Medieval is an 8-player variant set in Europe in 1411 AD – the Late Middle Ages. Standard Diplomacy rules apply, only the map is changed, and 20 SCs are needed for the victory.

The starting positions are :

C-Castile                                    E-England                    
A Leon                                       A Bordeaux                   
A Old Castile                              A Yorkshire                  
F New Castile (east coast)          F London                     
F-France                                    H-Hungary                    
A Dauphine                                A Buda                       
A Paris                                       A Croatia                    
A Rouen                                    A Transylvania               
K-Kalmar_Union                       P-Poland-Lithuania           
A Norway                                 A Kiev                       
A Sweden                                 A Krakow                     
F Denmark                                A Vilnius                    
R-Holy_Roman_Empire           T-Ottoman_Empire             
A Bavaria                                A Angora                     
A Brandenburg                        A Bulgaria                   
A Saxony                                 F Smyrna       

There are several special things about the map. New Castile, Papal States and Holstein have east and west costs, and Bulgaria – east and south coasts. Constantinople is given less area than in Standard variant, but movement rules are the same. This means that a unit can’t move directly between Bulgaria and Smyrna. Denmark has common border with Norway, which means that unlike in Standard variant a fleet in Sweden can’t move to Skagerrak or Norway, and that units can move directly between Denmark and Norway.