M.A.D. Diplomacy (rn12)

by Graham Tunnicliffe

1. All regular rules of the 1971 Diplomacy Rulebock apply, except where modified below.

2. In any Winter season, all players have the option of building a nuclear missile (M) in any home province instead of a conventional unit. However, unlike other units a missile cannot disband, move, give or receive support.

3. Missiles can be fired upon any named land province (including Switzerland) on

the board except your own home provinces and provinces containing your own units. The target will be hit every time, there is no defence (except of course the threat of retaliation).

4. Any province fired upon is reduced to a nuclear wasteland. Any unit occupying this province is destroyed as is any unit successfully moving into the province. Any unit moving out of the province and which succeeds will escape destruction. The province is then impassable and if it is a supply centre it can no longer supply a unit.

5. All provinces bordering the destroyed province are neutralised through fallout for the following season only. This means that any unit within a bordering province (both land and sea) is put into anarchy for the following season only. It cannot move, convoy, give or receive support. Also no unit can enter any neutralised province. If a supply centre is neutralised during a winter season no builds can be made there for that season.

6. Once the missile has been fired the relevant power is one unit short and, providing he has the necessary centres he can build another missile or conventional unit in the following winter.

7. Any foreign unit entering a province containing an enemy missile automatically causes the missile to explode with the normal circumstances on the province in which it is situated and on the unit involved.

8. The winning criteria is the control of the majority of surviving supply centres after any autumn season. If there are an even number of surviving supply centres, the victory criterion is half the supply centres plus one.

9. Any player that does not possess a conventional unit while still holding at least one supply centre cannot win or share a draw. To do so, he must build at least one conventional unit, if possible.