Lincoln’s Nightmare (gp36)

by John Armstrong

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Detailed Maps: AfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsiaEurope

This is a variant of Global Diplomacy I – all rules of Global Diplomacy I will apply.

In this variant, the United States is eliminated as a power and replaced with 6 independent powers.  More centers are added, creating “another Europe” in the Americas.  


  • New provinces, supply centers, and boundaries are created, as noted on the maps.  In the world map, the new provinces and sea zones are noted with red borders.  
  • The United States is split into six powers: California, Chicago, “Ecotopia” (The Northwest), New York, The South, and Texas.  This change creates a total of 17 players.  
  • A special rule applies to land-locked Chicago.  Provided they own one of the following centers and leave it vacant during a Winter phase, they can build fleets (not armies) in any of the following centers as if they were Home Centers: Atlanta, Houston, New York City, and Seattle.  
  • The Philippians is now a non-center and unplayable.   

The Six American Powers: 

Short NameOfficial NameColorLetter (for units)
CaliforniaThe California Free StateTealC
ChicagoThe Midwest FederationDeep PurpleM
EcotopiaEcotopiaLight GreenO
New YorkThe North East UnionMedium BlueY
The SouthThe Southern ConfederacyBrick RedS
TexasThe Lone Star RepublicCopperX

Starting Locations:

California: A San Francisco, F Los Angeles, A San Diego
Chicago: A Chicago, A Milwaukee, A Detroit
Ecotopia: A Anchorage, F Seattle, A Portland
New York: A Boston, F New York City, A Philadelphia
The South: A Atlanta, A Raleigh, F Miami
Texas: A Dallas, F Houston, A San Antonio