Karma League (rs29)

by Jeremy Maiden

The rules of Classical Diplomacy are followed with the following additions:

I.  Players have to keep their agreements, enforced by the Gamesmaster.  They are allowed to lie by ‘phone etc. as long as they can’t be proved to have lied later (tape recordings?  Watergate?).  It would allow for much more subtle stabs as there would often need to be loopholes in the wording of agreements, and alliance changes could be calculated exactly by the clauses in treaties.

II.  If a player is found out to have lied to someone some form to punishment is enforced upon him by the Gamesmaster.  For example:

a)  The person to whom the player has lied is allowed to write orders for the lying player’s country for one turn; the turn being the one directly after the ‘scandal’ is uncovered.

III.  For a person to be proved to have lied undisputable evidence must be presented to the Gamesmaster.  (Tape-recordings, letters, documents, etc.)