Invasions II (ar13)

by Cristiano Corte Restitutti

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This variant has 16 powers.

Starting positions

Angles (A) – Army Hedeby & Fleet Ribe
Britons (B) – Army Dyfed & Army Gwynedd
Burgundians (U) – Army Regensburg & Army Wurzburg
Byzantines (Y) – Army Antiochia & Army Trabzon
Franks (F) – Army Mainz & Army Worms
Frisians (I) – Army Tiel & Fleet Utrecht
Huns (H) – Army Bolgar, Army Bukhara, Army Hsung-nu & Army Sogdiana
Jutes (J) – Army Leire & Fleet Viborg
Khazars (K) – Army Sarkel & Fleet Itiil
Lombards (L) – Army Meissen & Army Magdeburg
Ostrogoths (T) – Army Kyyiv & Army Vladmir
Picts (P) – Army Lothian & Army Pictia
Saxons (S) – Army Bremen & Fleet Hamburg
Scots (C) – Army Dal Riada & Army Ulster
Vandals (V) – Army Passau & Army Wien
Visigoths (G) – Army Beograd & Army Granz


The game starts in Spring 434 AD (433 is the year of the ascension of Attila) and goes on with normal spring and fall seasons thereafter.

Neutrals There are 15 neutral supply centres that are defended by neutral armies, which are disbanded if dislodged.

They are: (by who controlled them, just to figure) РArmies under command Western Roman Empire: Adrianopla, Augusta Vindelicorum , Caesaraugusta, Carthago, Colonia Agrippina, Lugdunum, Lundein, Mediolanum & Roma. РSassanid Persians: Damascus &Persepolis. РSlavs: Kyyiv, Riga &Smolensk. РVikings: Birka &Björgvin.

From Nomads to Kingdoms The main purpose of each of the tribes is constituting their own kingdoms. It is reflected in the game. There are no starting home provinces. The build sites are moveable from year to year, and, while the tribes grow, they are required to chose where to fix their permanent home centres. I.e., the Tribes are passing from a nomadic life to establish solid kingdoms. This works as the following:

Build Sites Each tribe ever have 3 Build Sites. These can be Home Centres or not. For matters of terminology, these rules will refer to build sites which are not home centres as “BSCs” and to build sites which do are home centres as “HSCs”. The BSCs are moveable build sites, while the HSCs are fix build sites.

Placing Build Sites Each winter, together with the Builds Phase, each tribe may move/create one BSCs in supply centre provinces they own, as long as such an SC province was not just captured last fall (a SC cannot become a BSC in the turn it is first conquered).

BSCs+HSCs=3! When a power gains an HSC, it gains less BSCs. If the tribe has less than 3 non-just-captured SCs, it will have less than 3 BSCs.

From Nomads to Kingdom An HSC (Permanent Home Centre) may only be created over a previous BSC Each winter phase, the HSC choice comes first than BSC choice. A player with no HSCs is limited to 5 units. A player with 1 HSC is limited to 8 units. A player with 2 HSCs is limited to 10 units. A player with 3 HSCs can have as much units as supply centres owned.

Winter Sequence Chosing HSC happens before moving BSC. Builds may happen before or after placing a BSC. If the power already has at least one HSC, it will build before moving BSC. If the power doesn’t have an HSC, it can build in a just created BSC.

Losing HSCs In the case an HSC falls to the hand of a rival, nothing happens (even if your lost HSC becomes a BSC of the enemy) – you’ve lost a Home province, but you can recapture it! But, if a player places an HSC over another, the older one is dismantled and can be replaced on next winter, as long as it’s appropriate (i.e., over a BSC, and power is eligible to gain that HSC). Attention: a power who have completed its 3 HSCs and loses one of them, which is dismantled in the following years, cannot replace that HSC as long as it doesn’t have new BSC to turn on Homes!

Losing Ground When a power with 3 HSCs goes down to 9 SCs, it is allowed to dismantle one of its Homes and then have a free BSC to replace each winter. When a power with 2 HSCs goes down to 5 SCs, it is allowed to dismantle one of its Homes to become another BSC. When a power with 1 HSC goes down 2 SCs, it is allowed to dismantle its last Home, to return to be a full nomadic power!


The Huns. The Huns are nomadic by their nature. They won’t gain HSCs, thus they don’t need to care about a home! They start the game with one HSC – Hsung-nu(Hsu) – (so they cannot build in a just created BSC) which will ever be their only HSC (if they control it! – Hsu do can become an HSC for other powers), plus 3 moveable Build Sites. Furthermore, when reaching 10 SCs, they are allowed to chose 4 BSCs; at 15 SCs, 5 BSCs; at 20 SCs, 6 BSCs.

The Byzantines. The Byzantines are not nomadic barbarians, but civilized roman citizens. They don’t have a single BSC; instead, they start the game with 6 fix HSCs (from which only 2 [with *] start under their hands): Adrianopla(Adr), Antiochia*(Ant), Athenae(Ath), Constantinopla(Con), Nicaea(Nic) and Trabzon*(Tra). Special: these SCs cannot be Home Centres of other powers! (but do can be BSCs!)

The Khazars. The city of Itil(Iti) starts the game as an HSC for the Khazars. As per rule (G), if they end an year with only 2 SCs, Itil is no longer an HSC for the Khazars.

The Scots. The kingdom of Dalriada (Dal) starts the game as an HSC for the Scots. As per rule (G), if they end an year with only 2 SCs, Dal Riada is no longer an HSC for the Scots.

From Kingdom to Empire At 16 SCs, the Kingdom gains a 4th free Home Site to place in any owned supply-centre, as long as it is not a just conquered one, it is not at more than 3 provinces of distance from any existing Home Centre, and it is occupied by a unit in the fall season before the assignment. Such a 4th Home is pending until the power actually chose to place it somewhere, under those conditions. At 20, the power gains its 5th build site, under the same rules.

The Victorious Empire Supply Centres needed to win: 30+, as long as no other has 25+ 35+, as long as no other has 30+ 40+, as long as no other has 35+ 45+, as long as no other has 40+ 46+, majority!

Special Features of the Map

There are 91 Supply Centres. About 5.7 SCs per power. There are about 130 non-SC provinces, being about 85 land and 34 sea. Total 210 provinces. There are 1.3 non-SC spaces for each SC. So there are 2.3 provinces for each unit when all SCs are conquered.

Impassable: the Alps and the Pirinneus.

Bi-coastal: Armorica (north and south coast) and Caucasia (east and west).

Canal provinces: (see the map for clarifications – it’s all obvious in the map: the Canal provinces are those which abreviation is circled in BLUE)

Constantinople Channel – Canal between Propontis / Pontus Euxinus Ocidentalis: Constantinopla.

Neapolis Channel – Canals between Mare Tyrrhenum / Mare Ionium / Mare Internum Orientalis: Calabria.

Scottish Channel – Canal between Sea of Man / Scottish Sea: Ulster, Alclud, DalRiada, Dunadd.

Danish Channel – Canals between Kattegat / Kiel Gulf / Baltic Sea: Leire and Skaane.

Russian Plains Channels – Canals between Baltic Sea / Sea of Finland / Pontus Euxinus Ocidentalis / Azov Sea / Caspian Sea: Riga, Vistula, Dvina, Smolensk, Dniepr, Kyyiv, Dniestr, Sarkel, Don, Itil, Volga, Bolgari and Nizni.