Invasion 44 AD (ab01)

by John Robertson

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1. Invasion 44AD is a 7-player game based on the Roman invasion of Britain in 44AD. The 1971 Diplomacy rulebook will be used except where noted below.

2. All armies are single units, but only the Romans may build fleets The British may only build boat-bunches (bb) valued at half a unit, but requiring a whole supply centre to support them. The Romans are only permitted to have four fleets on the board at any one time.

3. The starting. positions are:

BELGAE: bb(Cla), A(Sor), A(Ver)

BRIGANTES: bb(Lug), A(Dae), A(Vin)

DUMNONII: bb(Nem), A(Ict), A(Tam)

ICENII: bb(Cam), A(Bra), A(Dur)

ORDIVICES: bb(Moa), A(Cav), A(Bre)

PARISII: bb(Lim), A(Dan), A(Ebu)

ROMANS: F(Ges), F(PoI), A(Bag), A(Mor)

4. Each game-year consists of 9 months, divided into 3 sets of two “move-months” and one “build-month”.

The months are: Martius (move), Aprilus (move), Maius (build); Iunius (move), Iulius (move), Augustus (build); Septimus (move), Octimus (move), Novimus (build)

The game starts in Martius, 797 Ab Urbe Condita (AUC)

5. Convoys. Normal convoy rules are not used. A fleet or boat bunch may take an army on board, transport it across a Sea-Space in a subsequent move and then let it disembark in a third move. To embark, the F/bb must be next to a coastal province, and the A must be in that province. The army moves to the space occupied by the F/bb and is said to have embarked forming an A/F or A/bb respectively. The Army is placed on top of the F/bb. In the following move-months, the A/F or A/bb can move as a normal F/bb – the army having no influence on its strength. To disembark, the A/F or A/bb must be adjacent to a coastal province. The army is then ordered to disembark to this province, and does so unless stood-off. Disembarkation takes a full move, so the F/bb may not move away during disembarkation and the disembarking A may not be supported by the F/bb. Both the F/bb and the A can be supported by other units (but not A’s at sea) when the A is disembarking.

6. An attack by two separate boat-bunches is needed to cut the support of an army or Roman Fleet. An attack by a single bb has no effect on the movement or support of an army or Fleet.

7. The following spaces are connected. Moa and Sem, Cla and Vec, VeB and Vec, and CAB and FDE.

8. Abbreviations

ABA Abus Aest.; Abo Abonae; Amb Ambriani; And Anderita; Aqu Aquae Sulis; Arm Armorica; Bag Bagaetin; Bra Branedunum; Bre Bremia; Caa Calearia; CAB Cardigan Bay; Cae Caesarea; Cai Caleti; Cal Callera; Cam Camoludunum; Can Canovium; Cat Cataractoniun; Cau Causennae; Cav Canovium; Cla Clansentium; Cun Cunetio; Dae Dacare; Dan Danum; Dev Deva; Dub Dubrae; Due Durobrevael; Dur Durolipons; Duv Durnovaria; Ebu Eburacum; FAN Fretum Anderita; FDA; Fretum Daeare; FDE Fretum Deva; FEB Fretum Eburacum; FGA Freturn Gallicum; FIC Fretum Ictis; FVE Fretum Vectis; FVI Fretum Vinovia; FVN Fretum Venta; Ges Gesoriaeum; Gle Glevum; HeP Herculis Promentary; Ict Ictis; IsD Isca  Dumnoniorum; IsS Isca Silurum; Isu Isurium; ITA Ituna Aest.; Lac Lactodorum; Lim Lindum; Lin Lindinus; Lon Londinium; Lug Lugurallium; Mag Magnae; Man Mancunium; MBR Mare Brigantium; MEA Meteris Aest.; MEA Meteris Aest.; Mei Menapii; Men Menapia; MGE Mare Germanicum; MME Mare Menapii; Moa Mona; Mon Monopia; Mor Morini; NBC North Bristol Channel; Nem Nemestotatio; OAT Oceanus Atlanticus; OBR Oceanus Britannicus; OHI Oceanus Hibernicus; Pol Portus Itius; Rat Ratea; Rem Remi; Rot Rotomagus; SAA Sabrina Aest.; Sae Saetus; SBC South Bristol Channel; Seg Segontium; Sem Segentium; Sor Sorbiodunum; TAA Tamesa Aest.; Tam Tamarus; Uri Uriconium; VeB Venta Belgorum; Vec Vectis; VeI Venta Icenorum; Ver Verulamium; Vet Veteras; Vin Vinovia