High Speed Diplomacy (rz09)

by Steve Jilks

0.  The usual rules of Diplomacy apply save where modified below. 

1.  This is a variant for three players, each controlling one major power: England, Iberia or Turkey. England starts with A(Lpl), F(Edi), F(Lon); Iberia with A(Spa), F(Por), F(Tun); Turkey with A(Con), F(Ank), F(Smy). 

2.  The only other units present at the start of the game are three armed neutrals, namely A(Mos), A(Vie), and A(Par). These units remain on the board until they are dislodged and disbanded. 

3.  Each unit may move twice per season. A unit’s first move is adjudicated as per the standard game, but there is a second movement phase before retreats are made. A second move may only be made if the unit concerned successfully moved provinces in the first movement phase and no supports or convoys are permitted in the second movement phase. 

4.  At any time in the game a player may declare any originally neutral centre which he controls to be a fourth home centre for build purposes. This is a once and for all time election, though a power may elect to use a province which was previously nominated by another power to override the first election. The election of a fourth home SC is not revealed until it is used to build in.

5.  Before any movement is made, a player may convert a fleet to an army and vice versa without restriction (but no inland fleets please!). E.g. in S01 Turkey may order F(Ank)-BLA-Sev. A01 F(Sev)=A(Sev)-Ukr-War!