Hellas (ag07)

by Thomas Mittelbach

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This variant plays in Ancient Greek in the time at 550 B.C. It is a game between nine great Greece powers on the map from South Italy in the West to Western Turkey in the East and from Macedonia in the North to Crete in the South. It is the time when the Greeks are at the peek of power before the Persian Empire invades in Turkey.


This is a simple map change variant. Macedonia the letter N and the Aetolian Alliance has the letter E.

Byzanz and Corinth have waterways the same as Kiel and Constantinople in the normal game.

Kyklades are a island group of some important and strong isles such as Delos that they become a SC. Unfortunately Armies have not enough space there so only fleets can pass the area!

The starting positions are :

A-Athens  E-Aetolian Alliance
A Athens  A Ambracia
F Marathon  A Korkyria
F Thorikos  F Oiniadai
I-Ionia  K-Kreta
A Halicarnasus  F Eastern Port
A Samos  F Knossos
F Milet  F Phaistos
L-Lydia  N-Macedonia
A Sardes  A Maroneia
F Antandros  A Pella
F Gordion  F Philippoi
S-Sparta  T-Theben
A Pherai  A Theben
A Sparta  F Delphi
F Amyklai  F Larymna

There are 38 supply centres, so you need 20 to win.

Province List

Antandros, L ant
Milet, I mil
Samos, I sam
Karia, l kar
Asia, l asi
Ionia, l inn
Medditerranian Sea, w med
Ionian Sea, w ion
Aiolia, x aio
Adriatic Sea, w adr
Illyria, x ill
Easter Medditerranian Sea, w ems
See of Creta, w soc
Pelopennesian Sea, w pes
Knossos, K kno
Phaistos, K pha
Wester Kreta, l wkr
Easter Kreta, l ekr
Eastern Port, K eap
Street of Corinth, w str
Rhodos, x rho
South East Aegean Sea, w sea
Pherai, S phe
Amyklai, S amy
Sparta, S spa
Messinia, l mes
Lakonia, l lak
Elis, x eli
Argolia, x arg
Achaia, l ach
Corinth, x cor
Gulf of Aegina, w goa
Kyklades, x kyk
Lykia, l lyk
Halicarnasus, I hal
Soth West Aegean Sea, w swa

Thorikos, A tho
Mid Attika, l mat
Athens, A ath
Marathon, A mar
Boetia, l boe
Theben, T teb
Delphi, T del
Larymna, T lar
Kytheria, x kyt
Street of Euboia, w soe
Euboia, x eub
Dalmatia, l dal
Ambracia, E amb
Oiniadai, E oin
Thermophylia, x the
Olymp, l oly
Korkyria, E kor
Thessalia, x tes
Southern Thessalia, l sth
Epeirus, l epe
Paionia, l pai
Thracia, x thr
Black Sea, w bla
Pella, N pel
Chaldike, l cha
Philippoi, N phi
North West Aegean Sea, w nwa
North East Aegean Sea, w nea
Maroneia, N mro
Dardanellia, l dar
Byzanz, x byz
Marmata Sea, w mse
Gordion, L gor
Sardes, L sar
Phrygia, l phr
Sicily, x sic