Hard Choice Dippy (rn03)

by Don Efron

A) Use regular Dippy map.

B) Each player starts with one of the normal 7 countries.

C) Each player secretly builds a “Force” in each of his supply centers.

1) Land bound centers can only build Land forces

2) Ocean bounded centers can build Land or Sea forces

D) Land bound forces are of 3 types:

i) L1 = normal Dippy type army

ii) L2 = Moves 2 provinces per season but has a strength of only 1/2.  So it will be dislodged by a normal (L1) army.  It can be supported or support other units as usual but always at 1/2 strength.

iii) L3 = Moves only if it did not move the previous season (though it can still support as usual in all seasons).  It has a strength of 1 1/2.

E) Naval forces also can be built of the same 3 types.

If a L2 or N2 unit tries to go through a province in the first 1/2 of its movement in a season on its way elsewhere, it will be assumed to enter that province BEFORE any other non-2 piece.  It then proceeds elsewhere.  Of course, if it cannot go elsewhere, it might be dislodged from the province it entered.  If it also tries to enter a province which is already occupied by an enemy non-2 piece it will get there before the enemy piece leaves (and hence will be bounced back where it came, negating the total move).  It can however be supported into the first province as usual.

F)  All players may build and remove forces of all three types any time in the game.  As in the usual fashion in Dippy, of course.

G)  Victory is as usual.