Gunboat II (rb59)

by Fred C. Davis

Introduction: The original author of this variant is unknown. Fred Davis was responsible for classifying it as a separate variant. The difference between this variant and Gunboat I is the use of press.

1. The standard Diplomacy rules (1971 edition) apply except where modified below.

2. The players identities are kept secret from each other and are only revealed when the game is finished. Their identities are known only to the GM.

3. There is no diplomacy of any kind and no press is permitted.

4. It is illegal to reveal one’s own identity or attempt to discover identities of other players.

5. The use of standby players depends on the house rules being used. If standby players are used the GM will not notify the players that such a replacement has been made.

6. Waiting lists will simply mention the number of players. When full the GM will inform the players privately which country they are playing.