Growth (rn06)

by Keith Black

0. The standard map and rulebook will apply, except where changed below.

1. Each Autumn, each surviving force increases its strength by one unit. New builds start as single units. Each force only requires one supply center, irrespective of strength.

2. Forces may not combine or split. They act at all times with their full strength: whether standing, moving, or supporting. (Retreats, see 3 & 7.)

3. Larger retreating forces have priority over smaller retreating forces. The GM will disband smaller forces in preference to larger forces.

4. Any strength fleet may convoy any strength army.

5. Supports may be partially cut, depending on the strength of the cutting attack and the strength of the supporting unit. Independent attacks will be combined for the purposes of support cutting. If the attack is greater than the strength of the supporting attack, this does not mean that the supporting unit is dislodged, necessarily.

6. A force cannot help to cut support for an attack on itself.

7. At the discretion of the GM, dislodgement = annihilation.