Goals Diplomacy (rb114)

by Vincent Mous

Victory Conditions

To win in the Goals variant, you need to capture specific SCs, called GOALS. Getting to 18 SCs is neither necessary to win, nor sufficient.


Goals are chosen by each player as follows:

1) They are chosen during the 1901 Build phase, after the fall retreats, but before the build results. (I will set the deadline back and set wait until they have been chosen).

2) They cannot include any center you own at the end of 1901 (eg France captures Spain and Portugal and loses Marseilles; his goals cannot include Paris, Brest, Spain or Portugal).

3) There must be 1 neutral supply center (ie a center that is neutral at the start of 1901, such as Belgium or Greece).

4) There must be 2 enemy home supply centers from different enemies (e.g. if you are France, then you could choose Moscow and Vienna as a goal but not Moscow and Warsaw).

5) All chosen centers must be at least 1 year away from the centers you own at the end of 1901 (1 year = 2 moves; thus Munich, Belgium and Paris are 1 year away from each other. Berlin and Paris are 1.5 years away from each other) (eg France took Spain and Belgium. He is not allowed to take Portugal as a goal because it is only 0.5 years away from Spain, which he owns. He also cannot take Holland since it is only 0.5 years away from Belgium). It doesn’t matter what units hold these centers.

6) If a chosen center is only 1 year away then I will broadcast it, called a PUBLIC goal. This means that if you choose the advantage of a close center, you also get the disadvantage of having all the other players know about it. (eg France took Spain and Portugal. He decides that his goals will be London, Sweden and Kiel – I broadcast that London is one of his goals.)

7) You can choose to make any goal of yours public even if it doesn’t need to be. This is done at the same time as you send the GM your goals.

8) The number of goals you choose also determines the number of spies you get. Spies are explained below. You can choose any of the following combinations:
– 3 public goals, 4 spies
– 2 public goals, 1 secret goal, 2 spies
– 1 public goal, 3 secret goals, 1 spy
– 5 secret goals, no spy


1) Spies can be used at during any spring or fall move phase after the 1st year and can do one of the following:
– find out a random secret goal of a specified power (ex: Spy – What is one of Russia’s secret goals? Answer: London)
– find out if a specific SC is a goal of a specified power (ex: Spy – Is Edinburgh one of Russia’s goals? Answer: No)

2) A spy’s answer is given with the move results of the same phase it was ordered in (as it takes time for the spy to accomplish its mission).

3) Each spy can only be used once during the game.

Other than that, the game continues until a winner is found or a DIAS draw declared. If two countries reach their goals at the same time, there is a NoDIAS draw between them automatically declared.