Game of Thrones Diplomacy II (fg02)

by “echephron”

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Stark – white – A(Win); A(Dee); A(Whi)
Arryn – light blue – A(Eyr); A(Hea) F(Gul)
Greyjoy – black – F(Har); F(Wyk); F(Pyk)
Lanister – red – F(Lan); A(Sar); A(Sil); A(Kin)
Tully – blue – A(Riv); A(Hrh); A(Sea)
Baratheon – yellow – A(Sto); F(Dra); F(Tar)
Tyrell – green – A(Hig); A(Hoh); F(Old)
Dorne – orange – A(Yro); A(Prp); F(Sun)

For reference, there are 52(aug2013) total supply points. Each players area of the map has about 6.5 supply centres.

Current Victory Condition:

The game ends once 35(~2/3 of total) votes decide somebody has won or some subset of players are tied for winning. You get one vote per supply centre you control. When the game has ended, either one player wins, or a subset of players tie. The other players all lose. Yes, after year one, everyone could decide Stark wins and it would be the shortest game ever.

Seven Player Rules:
Blue(Tully) is removed. Blue home areas, TWI, SAP, GDT get neutral armies that hold every turn and die instead of retreating.