Foe-Nazu (rm04)

by Randolph Bart

1. “The 1971 Rule book of Diplomacy applies, except as hereafter modified.”

2. At the beginning of the game, there will be an eighth player, for the country of Foe‑Nazu.  The Foe‑Nazuan submits predictions of orders for all 22 units.  He continues doing this for Fall 1901 and Spring 1902.  If at this point it is discovered that he has correctly predicted 1 or more units for all three seasons, go on to Rule 3.  If not, the player continues to submit predictions until he gets one or more right 3 consecutive seasons.

3. When the Foe‑Nazuan successfully predicts one or more units, he immediately gains control of those units.  He ceases to be a predictor.  From that point on, he is a normal player.  If he takes over in the spring, he must move his units to supply centers in the fall, or he will lose some of them.  He then controls the supply centers, like a normal player.  If he takes over in the fall, however, he needn’t find supply centers for his units until the following year.  The supply centers he does occupy at the end of that turn are controlled by him.

4. BUILDS:  The Foe‑Nazuan may make builds in any supply center he owns until he has built in three separate ones.  When he has built in these three, these three become his home supply centers, and he may only build there.

5. When a regular player is wiped out, i.e. when the number of supply centers he owns is identically equal to zero, he becomes a predicting player, as the Foe‑Nazuan used to be.  When he gains control of a unit(s), he becomes a regular player, as the Foe‑Nazuan would.  If two different predictors get a unit right three consecutive times, then the country which has spent the longest time predicting gets it.  Tie goes to first alphabetically.

6. When there is no predicting player at all, one is added to the game.  See rule 7.

7. The names of additional countries run as follows:  UFPDRIKON, Mafosu, Southern Hades, New Albion, and if the isn’t enough Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.  If you run out of them, you’re not playing it correctly.

8. The predicting players may negotiate with the other players.

9. Illegal orders are the same as “hold” for the purpose of prediction.  If the predictor fails to submit orders, his prediction will be considered “all hold”.