Fluid Diplomacy I (rs08)

by Peter Aronson

1.  The 1971 rules of Diplomacy are used except where noted.

2.  Before Spring 1901, a Winter 1900 build turn occurs; players may start with any arrangement of units they are capable of building.

3.  The last player to occupy a supply center in any season is its owner.

4.  A player may build in any center he owns, not just in his home center.

5.  During any winter turn a player may change any of his armies that are on supply centers into fleets and any fleets that are on supply centers into armies.

6.  Any two of a player’s units may exchange places by moving through each other as if they were not there, provided the moves otherwise succeed as in standard play.  (The abbreviation “X” indicated an exchange move.)

7.  Victory criterion is 19 units on the board.

Peter Aronson says somewhat apologetically that the following variant is his least original since he merely put together several common variant rules to arrive at it.  Nonetheless, there is originality in putting together old elements in a new way, and this game ought to be worth trying sometime when you desire a change from the old standard, especially since the rules are easy to learn.