Five Italies (ug12)

by Mike Lea

Revised by Fred C Davis

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0. All regular Diplomacy rules apply except where they do not. 

1. There are five countries, all of them named Italy!  To avoid confusion the five countries will be labelled Italy A, Italy B, etc.  To distinguish between the various spaces, all of the spaces within an Italy have the postfix A, B, C etc. 

2. Each Italy starts with an A(Venice), F(Naples) and either an A or F(Rome).  The starting choice need not be disclosed until the Spring 1901 moves. 

3. Switzerland is passable and is a neutral supply centre garrisoned by a neutral army which disbands on dislodgement. 

4. Sicily and Sardinia are passable.  There is a direct passage between Sicily and Naples for all units. 

5. When writing orders players must specify the letter of the space they are moving to.  Given that some spaces touch two spaces with the same name, it is very important that players avoid ambiguity. 

6. Country is determined by lot.  Players are strictly forbidden from choosing any one of the Italies as their favourite. 

7. There are 15 home and 6 neutral supply centres.  Ownership of eleven centres is needed for victory.