Feudal Diplomacy IV (fn06)

by Lewis Pulsipher

Fantasy Version:  Players may build armies which are accompanied by wizards and powerful priests.  These armies, abbreviated “W”, are like normal armies but for certain magic powers.  These powers are distant support and immobilization.

When a wizard army uses a magic power it may not do anything else except hold.  Only one power can be used in a move season.  A wizard cannot use distant support in consecutive move seasons.  It cannot use the immobilization power against the same enemy unit in consecutive move seasons.  (Two wizards may alternately immobilize the same enemy, however).

Distant Support:  The wizard supports an attack on, or defense of, a space two spaces away (example:  wizard in Paris supports action in Munich).  This support may be cut in the usual way.

Immobilization:  All units except knights may be immobilized.  The victim unit may be no more than two spaces from the wizard army.  Treat the victim as though it had been ordered to hold.  If the wizard is attacked or immobilized then the immobilization order fails.

This can lead to a circular paradox.  For example:

Alpha: W Bulgaria (I) W Serbia

Beta:  W Serbia (I) A Rumania

Gamma: A Rumania-Bulgaria

If Rumania-Bulgaria succeeds, W Bulgaria cannot immobilize W Serbia-but the Rumania should be immobilized!  In such cases the situation is arbitrarily adjudicated-all units merely hold.

The maximum number of wizard armies a player may posses after a Fall adjustment depends on the number of centers he owns.

Wizard Quota

No. of CentersNo. of Wizards