Extra Supply Centers (rb92)

by Jef Bryant


The main goal of this variant is to augment the diplomatic exchanges between players. As a power cannot use directly his ESC’s he must communicate with another player.

The consequence of ESC’s disappearing when a player is about to be eliminated may encourage another player to keep him alive, especially if he is using that player’s ESC’s.

(1) All the rules of classic Diplomacy (1971 version) apply with the following modifications below.

(2) Each country at the start of the game has two extra special supply centers (ESC). These ESCs do not count towards the victory criterion but are used to maintain units during the Winter adjustments.

(3) The ESCs will be abbreviated according to their origin, i.e. for Germany the two ESCs will be known as Ger1 and Ger2.

(4) A player cannot use his own ESCs for himself. The only ESCs that he can use are those “lent” to him by another player.

(5) If a player wishes to “lend” one or two of ESCs to another or two different players he simply sends the instruction to the GM along with his normal orders. The “lending” of ESCs to other players can be changed at any time by issuing new instructions and sending them with the normal orders.

(6) Any changes in ownership of ESCs will take effect practically during the Winter adjustments. All the ESCs will be shown in the game report and who is borrowing them.

(7) When a player is eliminated from the game his ESCs are also eliminated.

This variant is © February 1993 by Jef Bryant and can be published only if a copy of the publication be sent to Rue Jean Pauly, 121, B-4430 ANS, Belgium. Copies can be distributed freely for postal play and variant banks. Any modification of this variant is prohibited without permission of the designer.