Everybody Plays (vj08)

by Dick & Julie Martin

All the regular rules of Diplomacy apply, with the following modifications:

1) Each game turn anyone, except the GM, may submit orders and/or press for any and as many countries as she/he wants.

2) The GM will adjudicate the season by selecting one set of orders for each country at random. Any country for which no orders have been received will have all units hold (Spring or Autumn), play short (Winter builds), or have units removed alphabetically (Winter removals).

**So that everyone will have an equal chance to order a country, if someone submits multiply sets of orders for any one country, she/he still has only one change in the original random selection for who will order that country. If she/he wins that drawing, then another random selection is made from among the multiple sets of orders to determine which orders shall be used.

3) All seasons are separated, i.e. Spring moves, Summer retreats, Fall moves, Autumn retreats, Winter builds and removals. If there are no retreats necessary, or no builds or removals to be made, the season will be skipped.

4) The game begins with Winter 1900 builds. Players may build whatever they wish in their country’s home supply centers. Inland fleets are built as armies.

5) The WINNER is the person whose Fall/Autumn orders leave her/his country in possession of at least 18 supply centers. A concession or DIAS draw will pass if every person who was chosen to order a country in the random selection agrees to the draw or the concession. No other kinds of draws may pass.

Designer Notes:

This game is still being play tested. Further modifications, such as the *ed above, may still need to be made – for play ability, and for keeping with the “Everybody Plays” spirit. For instance, although it is not explicitly stated in (5), it is certainly better for the game if NVR (“no vote received”) is counted as a “no” vote. In (4), if there is a published deadline for Winter 1900 builds and no one sends in any, then we skip directly to Winter 1901! In fact, the game might never start! Or it could end abruptly if players simply stop sending in orders. So perhaps the victory conditions in (5) should be modified to say something about “no change in supply center chart for x number of years.” But I think these issues have generally been handled in houserules, not game rules. Comments?

* Not an original rule, but apparently a necessary modification.