Empire IV (na06)

Fall of the American Empire

by Vincent Mous

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The latest version of the Fall of the American Empire Diplomacy Variant is called Empire4. The changes between this version of the map and the previous one were more than the two previous versions, but still relatively minor. There intended effects are as follows:

In Defense of British Columbia

BC has a slightly better defensive position since an army in Vancouver could defend all three home SCs.
An initial BC opening attack on California is more likely to succeed because California might have opened to Baja and be unable to defend the West Coast.Everyone Wants Chihuahua
Chihuahua is now contestable by 3 powers (California, Mexico and Texas) in 1999 rather than be a freebie for Texas. Texas is still guaranteed 3 builds though (Colorado, Louisiana and Nuevo Leon).
California now has a choice of openings – go after Chihuahua via Baja California or a more defensive opening in case BC attacks which can also be used to go after Hawaii.
California/Mexico interaction is increased by reducing the distance between the two.A Smaller South-Pacific
Mexico can take Guatemala with her fleet instead of with the Veracruz army, allowing both to go north, or allowing Mexico to go for Yucatan as well.
Peru/Mexico interaction is increased by reducing the distance between the two.The Big Change in Cuba
Cuba’s opening position is more defensive and has more possibilities. Four SCs can be reached in 1999, and two of them can be guaranteed (Dominican Republic and Nicaragua). The Holguin army can now be convoyed off Cuba in 1999 – to Nicaragua.
The fate of Yucatan is now more questionable.Venezuela – Fleet or Army?
Peru now has the choice of taking Venezuela with an army and Panama with a fleet or vice-versa.

Starting Positions in Empire 4

PowerLetterStarting Position
BCBF AnchorageA CalgaryA Vancouver
CaliforniaCA Los AngelesF San DiegoA San Francisco
MexicoXF GuadalajaraA MexicoA Veracruz
FloridaFA JacksonvilleF MiamiA Tampa
HeartlandHA ChicagoA MilwaukeeA Minneapolis
NewYorkNA New JerseyF New York CityA Philadelphia
QuebecQA MontrealF Quebec CityF Ungava
PeruPA BogotaF Cali/NCF Lima
TexasTA DallasF HoustonA San Antonio
CubaUF HavanaA HolguinF Kingston

Notes on the Empire 4 Map

Great Lakes

Fleets cannot move directly from one Great Lake to another, except from Lake Michigan to Lake Huron.


There are a few one-space canals that act like Kiel in Vanilla dip. This means that the spaces have no coasts and fleets can exit on any side.

  • Panama
  • Ontario
  • Michigan
  • Upper Peninsula
  • Chicago (see below)

Empire 4 has one more Canal, the Hudson Canal between New York City and New York State. Fleets can move from one to the other.


There are two waterways in Empire4 where fleets can move as though there were a coastline in the listed territories. These rivers do not impede army movement:

  • Mississippi (Chicago, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Deep South, Louisiana)
  • St-Lawrence (Beauce, Montreal, NYS, Ontario, Quebec, Gaspe)

For example, a fleet could move from Tennessee to any of Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas or Deep South.

  • Units can move between Ungava and Nunavut. This does not block movement between Hudson Bay and the Sea of Labrador.
  • Units can move between Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. This does not block movement between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.