Eckert’s Napoleonic Diplomacy (hn01)

by Bob Eckert

Bob Eckert has designed many games, two of which have been put out by the Three M people, and this is one of his favorite variants of Diplomacy.  Bob is also playing in Diplomacy game 1972FA and the 1776 variant which just started.  Now for the rules.

1. The 1971 rule book of Diplomacy will be used with the following additions and corrections:

2. The board:  The regular Diplomacy board will be used with the following additions and corrections:

a. Libya borders Tunis, Ionian Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, and Egypt.
b. Egypt borders Libya, Eastern Mediterranean, and Syria.
c. Iberia is created from the North Coast of Spain and borders Mid-Atlantic, Portugal, Spain and Gascony.
d. Murmansk is created from the North Coast of St. Petersburg, and borders on St. Petersburg, Finland, Barents Sea and Siberia.
e. Siberia is created from the back part of Moscow and a little of St. Petersburg, and borders on Sevastopol, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk.
f. Macedon is created from the South Coast of Bulgaria and a little of Greece and borders on Greece, Bulgaria, Constantinople, and Aegean Sea.
g. Egypt and Ruhr are supply centers.

3. Adjudications are made after each movement.  You must hold a new supply center for one turn before getting a new piece for it.  A piece retreating from a supply center is considered destroyed and is removed.  The first move is Summer 1801.

4. Starting Pieces

Russia:  F Stp, F Sev, A Mos, A War, A Rum
France:  F Bre, A or F Mar, A Par, A Bel, A Rur
* Turkish Empire:  F Ank, A Smy, A Con, F Gre, A Bul, A Egy
Austria:  F Tri, A Vie, A Bud, A Ser
England:  A or F Hol, Edi, Lon, Lvp  (for last 3 gets 2 F and 1 A, may be placed as desired)
Prussia:  F Kie, A Ber, A Mun
Sweden:   F Den, F Nwy, A Swe
Italian Confederation:  A Rom, A Ven, F Nap
(optional) Moorish League:  A Spa, F Tun, F Por

If only eight play, Tunis stands with a single piece and Spain and Portugal stand with pieces supporting each other.

* Special limitation on Turkish Pieces:  A Turkish piece in only worth .9 on offense.  It counts as a full power when defending.