Dreadnought Diplomacy (rn02)

by David Burkett

At the turn of the century, the Great Powers were considering a different type of battleship, one which would make the old type completely obsolete.  This was the dreadnought.  The concept of the dreadnoughts figured heavily in the plans of every nation that was a sea power.

Unfortunately, after the first dreadnought was produced, it would start a naval arms race.  Great Britain produced the first of the super-battleships in 1906.  This enabled any other nation to (with enough industrial force) eliminate Britain’s naval superiority.

I feel that this facet of pre-World War I diplomacy is important enough to incorporate into the game of Diplomacy.  To do this, a few simple rule changes could be made.  I will outline a few ideas of mine.


1.  Regular cost (i.e. one supply center for one dr.)

Option 1.a. Two supply centers for one dreadnought


2.  Regular building rules (refer to Diplomacy rules:  XIII 2. adjustments)

Option 2.a. The length of time required would be lengthened to two years


3.  A dreadnought would be equal to two regular fleets, that is, each would be worth two supports, both supports could not be split, they would have to be applied at the same place and time.

4.  A dreadnought could not transport.

5.  The only nation that could produce dreadnoughts until 1907 would be Great Britain, but as soon as one was produced, any other nation could build a dreadnought.

Option 5.a. At any time, any nation could build a dreadnought.