Double Diplomacy (rm90)

by Melle Koning

Double Diplomacy is a variant of standard diplomacy with the standard map. Each of the seven players control TWO great powers instead of one, but each great power is controlled by two players as well. This means that each power has ‘two captains’ who must sail their ship and you have two of those ships under your control… Explanation follows now.

Distribution of Players/Powers

To make the distribution of powers and players more clear, the distribution is shown in the two tables below. Note that the second table just follows from the first and vice versa:

PowerPlayed By
Austria6 and 7
England1 and 7
France5 and 6
Germany2 and 3
Italy3 and 4
Russia4 and 5
Turkey1 and 2
1England and Turkey
2Turkey and Germany
3Germany and Italy
4Italy and Russia
5Russia and France
6France and Austria
7England and Austria

So, in this variant you have more control on the board (two powers under your control!), but also more to diplome because you don’t rule your powers alone! Do you think you can agree with your secondants or do you prefer to work alone?

Submission and adjudication of moves

Because one power is controlled by two players, there are always two sets of orders for each power submitted. However, at a certain point in the game, the orders the two rulers give could be different.

The GM will only execute those orders which ‘synchronize’. That is, units not in sync by the two rulers will hold (example 1) . There is only one exception to this rule: A unit ordered to hold by one of the two players will be ‘overruled’ by a support order (example 2). Note however that move-orders will NOT overrule hold orders (example 2).

The GM will adjudicate in two steps. First he will ‘sync’ all the orders, giving all units not in sync the hold order. After that he will adjudicate the moves for the seven great powers.

Example (1) F Lon “not in sync”
Player 1 orders for EnglandPlayer 7 orders for England
A Lvp – Yor
F Edi – Nwg
F Lon – Nth
A Lvp – Yor
F Edi – Nwg
F Lon – ENG
Moves to go into adjudication:
A Lvp – Yor, F Edi – Nwg, F Lon HOLD.
Example (2) A Pic support-order ‘overrules’ HOLD-order.
A Spa move order does not overrule HOLD-order
Player 5 orders for FrancePlayer 6 orders for France
F MAO – Por
A Spa – Mar
A Pic S (E) F Nth – Bel
F MAO – Por
Moves to go into adjudication:
A Pic S (E) F Nth – Bel, F MAO – Por, A Spa HOLD

After the GM has ‘synced’ all orders, all normal standard diplomacy rulings apply in the adjudication fase.

Double Diplomacy Winning Conditions

This game is won by the two players if the power under their control has 14 supply centers after a fall move. (example: players 3 and 4 win the game if Italy has 14 SC).

Removed due to experience in first game: The game is also won by one player if the two powers under his control have 18 supply centers. (example: Player 6 wins the game if Austria plus France have 18 or more centers after the fall move).
Added Randomly assigned powers.