Dollar Diplomacy II (vg01)

by Greg Costikyan

In the ruthless days of the New York Conspiracy (1968-75) that struck deep into hearts and laugh lines of the postal hobby, the delusions of grandeur and glory were no less strong than the current hobby’s concern with its own ego.  It came to pass that during one session a group of conspiracy members had a typical financial cash flow crisis not uncommon to the fiscal irresponsibilities of the era.  In a brainstorm the idea of a version of Diplomacy to make money was born.  The idea is that each player puts up $5, creating a total pot of $35.  (A Kingly sum in 1968).  One dollar was donated to the house hosting the affair, leaving a grand total of $34 to be divided up as follows:

Winner: Gets all $34.

If no winner then the survivors get $.50 per supply center and $17 is divided equally amongst the survivors.

It should be noted that there could be no voted conclusion to a game that was not unanimous and no draws that did not include all survivors.  The game could end at a time or a year to make things clean and deadly.