Diplomatic Diplomacy (rb07)

by Martin Janta-Polczynski

1. This variant has three season per year (Spring, Fall, Winter).

2. The only special rule is that if a unit of any power occupies a new supply centre, other Powers are allowed not to give diplomatic recognition to this fact.

3. For each non-recognition to be effective:

  1. The Powers not recognizing the new ownership must be a majority of the Powers playing (ie 4 out of 7 or 6, 3 out of 5 or 4, 2 out of 3).
  2. These powers must own a majority of the supply centres (18 at least in the Regular game).
  3. They must all send their `non-recognition’ orders the Winter following the capture of the centre in question and repeat their orders each Winter as long as they wish to see the non-recognition effective (the composition of the non-recognizing Powers may vary, so long as they retain the double majority).

4. As long as a non-recognition is effective, the Power affected may not own the supply centre in question, not build for it, although they may occupy it.

5. The purpose of this variant is to test the resolution of players to engage in `international diplomacy’, to work out a sort of `United Nations’ and not restrict themselves to diplomacy by 2s and 3s.