Diplomap (ru12)

by Michael Harvath

I.  Unless otherwise noted, rules are as per standard Diplomacy, or whatever other Variant is being used, since these can be applied to any map.

II.  Map Changes

A.  Map Changes are by drawing new border lines or removing border lines, to either split or merge provinces.

1. Drawing order example:  “Draw Gal/War – Gal/Bud” creates a new border line drawn from the border of Galicia & Warsaw to Galicia & Budapest.

2. Erasure example: “Erase Gal/War” removes the border between Galicia and Warsaw.

B.  These orders are turned in concurrent with the regular Move turns (Spring and Fall), and may not be made contingent upon anything.

C.  Powers may order 1 Draw move and 1 Erase move per turn.  If a Draw move is used in the Spring, it may not be used in the Fall; same for an Erase order.  These Orders may be waived.

D.  Land Spaces may only be merged with Land spaces; Sea Spaces may only be merged with Sea spaces.

E.  When an SC is split, the SC is assigned with the order; failure to do so invalidates the order.

F.  Draw and Erase orders are adjudicated After Moves, but Before Retreats.

G.  Limits and Invalid Orders:

1.  Starting Build Centers which are coastal (for example, Ankara) must remain coastal; Neutral coastal SCs (eg, Tunis) may be moved inland.  Starting Inland Build Centers (eg, Moscow or Paris) may not have Fleets built in them, whether they become Coastal or not.
2.  Borders may be draw in loops (eg, “Por/Spa – Por/Spa”), but they must include which side they are to appear (“inside Portugal”), or they will be invalid.
3.  Two (or more) SCs may not be combined.  If a combination of orders places two SCs together, all related Erase orders are Invalid.
4.  Provinces with two (or more) units may not be combined.  If a combination of orders results in multiple units in the same proposed province AFTER adjudication, then the related Erase orders are invalid.
5.  Provinces must border at least two other accessible spaces.  “Island” regions are not permitted.  This applies to Switzerland as well as the Edge of the Board.
6.  Switzerland may not be split or combined.
7.  Failure to assign the SC will result in an Invalid Order, in a Draw, unless the SC is a Coastal Build Center, and one of the resulting two spaces is Inland, in which case the SC placement is by default.
8.  Multiple Draw and Erase orders may be combined.  If they conflict, then all related orders are invalid.

H.  The names of “new” provinces is to be determined by the GM by whatever system they desire, though suggestions may be given by the creating players.

III.  Retreats Phase

A.  In addition to Standard Retreats by Dislodgment, there are also Retreats due to Split Provinces.  They are done at the same time as regular Retreats.

B.  Any unit in a province which is split may select to be in any space created by the split.

1.  Exception 1:  A fleet may not be assigned to a completely inland space.

2.  Exception 2:  When a fleet is in a multi-coastal province (eg, Spain), it may only be moved into spaces related to its current coast.

C.  Dislodged units may not retreat into a newly create space if they have been dislodged from the original space; however, regions accessible from the original space are still valid for dislodgment retreats, and regions not originally accessible are not valid.

D.  Dislodged units may not retreat into a newly created space from an outside space, if the original space was occupied or was not able to be retreated to due to a conflict.


All involve the Standard Map, assuming no previous changes, and assume no other interfering moves.

Erase Lon/Wal; Erase Wal/Lvp.
  —  Both erase orders fail, combined SCs.

F Lon – NTS; F Bre – ENG; Erase ENG/NTS
  —  Both moves succeed; erase fails, combined units.

F Lon – NTS; F Bre – MAO; Erase ENG/NTS; Erase ENG/MAO.
 — Both moves succeed; both erases fail.

A Par – Pic; A Mun – Ruhr; Draw Bur/Pic – Bur/Mun; Erase Ruhr – Bur.
 — Both moves succeed.  Draw order succeeds, requires Displacement Retreat
from A Bur.  Erase order fails.

E.  A Mun – Bur; Draw Bur/Pic – Bur/Gas; Draw Bur/Pic – Bur/Ruhr.
 — Creates three provinces from original Burgundy.  The unit may retreat to
any of the three new regions.

F.  F StP(sc) Holds; Draw StP/Fin – StP/OTB, SC in North Region.
 —  Fleet remains in Southern Region automatically.  SC moves to North
Region (since its still coastal).

G.  Erase Lvn/StP. Draw StP/Fin – StP/Lvn, SC in southwestern region.
 — Both orders fail, since border-line would no longer exist with either
order’s success.

H.  Erase Lvn/StP.  Draw StP/Fin – StP/Lvn (no SC designation).
 — Draw order fails, since SC could be in either region.  Erase order

I.  Erase Lvn/StP.  Draw StP/Lvn – StP/Mos (no SC designation).
 — Draw order fails, since SC must remain Coastal.

J.  Erase Lvn/StP.  Draw StP/Fin – StP/OTB, SC in Southern Region.
 — Both orders succeed.  SC in combined Livonia/Southern StP region.

K.  Erase Gal/Rum.  A Rum Holds.  F Sev S F BLA – Rum.
 — BLA – Rum succeeds, dislodging A Rum.  Erase order succeeds.  A Rumania
may not retreat to Vienna, Bohemia, Silesia, or Warsaw.

L.  Erase Mos/Lvn.  In Adjustment Period: Build F Moscow-Livonia.
 — Build Fails, since Moscow was Interior Build Center originally.