Diplomacy Teams (rt10)

by Brian Stewart

In Diplomacy Teams, there are 3 teams of 2 and one single player. Teams are chosen by the GM and kept secret from the players.

If you are in a team of two, you will learn who your partner is and your partner will learn who you are.

If you are the one single player, you have no partner. Your first advantage, however, is that you find out the members of all three other teams.  No one else knows who makes up the teams.

Winning conditions are as follows:

For a team of two: 26 combined SCs
For the single player: 13 SCs
If you wish to go solo and are on a team, whether because your partner was eliminated or you simply don’t want to share the glory, you must get the usual 18 SCs.

Teams are secret to everyone but those on the team and the solo player, but you can tell other players who your team mate is or deceive them. It is completely up to you.