Diplodocus II (rh09)

by Nick Kinzett

based on the original version by Paul Meerts

The 1971 Diplomacy rule book and board are used except as follows:

1. There are either 34 players (one per supply center) or else 17 players (one per pair of supply centers).  In the latter case, each sc pairing can be determined either by preference list (each player getting his/her highest possible choice of center before anyone’s second center is consider) or by a preselection of separated pairs by the GM or referee, if any.  For identification purposes (supports, convoys, etc), players should be numbered, as they can and will call themselves what they like as the game progresses.

2. Prior to 1901, all players may negotiate and submit build orders for the centers they own:  If a player fails to submit builds, armies are assumed.  Both at this time and at the end of any autumn season thereafter, a player may build in any vacant supply center he/she controls.  The victory criterion is still 18 centers.

3. At the beginning of each season, players may trade control of centers on a one-for-one basis, provided that each player retains at least one of the centers he/she held immediately prior to the trade.  (Thus, a one center power cannot trade).  As part of such trades, players may also exchange units on a one-for-one basis, no more than one unit per center exchanged.  Hone that the reverse is not true:  Players may not trade units without an exchange of centers.  In a postal version, orders may be made conditional on these trades, though obviously no trade may be made conditional on other trades.