Diplobucks (rm51)

by Tom Cooper

Introduction: Diplobucks follows the standard 1971 rules for Diplomacy, except that players are allowed to bribe the GM in order to accomplish what they might not otherwise be able to do.  The types of bribes allowed have been kept to a minimum:  a player has only a limited number of ways to spend his funds, which are known as Diplobucks (DB).

Income:  At the start of the game, each of the seven players receives 1000 DB.  There after, each summer he receives 300 DB (for use starting with the Fall moves), and each Winter he receives 200 DB (for use starting with the Spring moves).  In addition, to the 500 DB yearly income that all players receive, each Winter they also receive bonuses in the following manner:

200 DB for having no supply center change,

300 DB for each foreign supply center lost,

400 DB for each home supply center lost

Thus, if France loses Paris, but gains Belgium, France receives the 200 DB bonus for standing pat, plus 100 DB because she lost a home center but gains a foreign center.  That Winter, France’s total bonus income is (200 + 100), or 300 DB.  As a second example, suppose that the next winter France had been able to get back Paris, but had to give up Belgium to do so.  That winter France receives (200 – 100), or 100 DB in bonuses.  Remember that this is in addition to the 200 DB that everyone receives.  If a player has a net gain in supply centers, he still receives 200DB; there are no penalties for gains.  It is intended that a player doing poorly in the game will have more DB at his disposal.

Expenditures:  Players may spend their DB only as bribes, they may not gamble, or give their DB to other players.  DB for bribes may come from more than one player.  Players involved in a group bribe must specify the purpose of the bribe, how many and which players are contributing.  Portions of group bribes need not be equal.  If one or more players reneges on on a group bribe and does not contribute DB, thus making the bribe unsuccessful, bribers who sent in their DB get half (1/2) back.  Players may not counter bribe the GM to prevent other bribes from taking place.  Only each player and the GM know how much DB he has.  Only the following bribes are allowed:

1. 100 DB buys the right to submit press for two years.

2. 100 DB will permit the briber to know how much DB a certain country has.  (Briber specifies country).

3. 200 DB will let the briber see all of the bribes for one turn (they ordinarily remain secret).

4. 300 DB will convert any unit belonging to the briber’s country into a unit of the other type.  (Army to fleet or vice-versa).  May not be used on foreign units.

5. 500 DB will cause a unit of the bribers choice to become a double unit (DA or DF).  This unit then moves, holds, convoys or supports with the strength of two ordinary units.  Double units may not divide support, and it takes a double attack to cut both support (A single attack cuts one support).  All players know where double units are, they are signified in move results as DA or DF.  The bribe is good for one year (two moves seasons), after which the unit returns to normal strength.

6. 500 DB will cause a unit of the bribers choice to hold in position instead of moving, convoying, or supporting:  the bribe is good for  one move season only (spring or fall).

7. 1000 DB will buy an extra unit for the briber.  The unit must be build in a province of his own country in winter.  In addition to the 1000 DB down, the briber must pay 300 DB each winter in order to keep the extra unit, or else it will be removed.

8. 1200 DB will cause a unit of the briber’s choice to be destroyed.  The owner of the unit will remain short until two winters following, at which time he may build a unit in any province of his home country not occupied by another unit.

9. 1500 DB will cause a country of the briber’s choice to miss its moves (NMR) for season (spring or fall).  If a country has more than three units, 1500 DB is the maximum amount that is necessary.  If the country to be NMRed has two units or less, the price is 500 DB per unit.

Bribes numbered one through four must come from one source only.  Bribes numbered five through nine may be group bribes.  Players may not prevent builds by bribes.  When a players has no more supply centers, his income stop.  He may continue to play as long as he has DB.  The victory criterion remains the same (control of 18 centers on the board).