Diadochi V (ac03)

by Dick Vedder

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1. All the usual rules of Diplomacy (1971 rulebook) apply, except as emended below.

2. There are five Great Powers, the initial placement is as follows:

CARTHAGE: F Carthage, A Hadrumetum, A New Carthage, A Gades.

EGYPT: F Alexandria, F Cyprus, A Ptolemais.

MACEDONIA: F Korinth, A Larissa, A Pella.

ROME: F Neapolis, F Rome, A Brudisium, A Ravenna.

SYRIA: F Antioch, A Arbela, A Seleukia.

3. The game begins in 240 B.C. and so the game-years are counted backwards.

4. There are a number of Double supply centres on the board. These are able to support and supply two units for whichever power controls them. The Triple supply centre in Rome is only able to supply three units if controlled by the Roman player; If owned by another power it acts as a single supply centre.

5. The Special Build Centres (in Ath, Jar, & Sid) are not supply centres, but whichever power controls one may use it as an alternative place in which to build a new unit.

6. Neutral supply centres have no special defensive properties. However, Armenia, Belgica, Illyria, and Scythia are liable to rebel and so must be garrisoned each Winter if they are to be counted for supply centre totals. Britain and Dacia are impassable in this game.

7. Any power may destroy any of the supply centres (except Alexandria, Antioch and Rome). A unit already occupying the centre should be ordered to destroy it (order symbol Z), though it may not be given any other order for that campaign season. Destroyed supply centres become useless for supply purposes unless rebuilt.

8. To rebuild a supply centre, the destroyed centre should be occupied for two consecutive campaign seasons by a unit that has been ordered to rebuild it (order symbol R). Once rebuilt, the centre may again be counted for supply purposes in the next adjustments. A unit ordered to rebuild a centre is fully occupied and may not be given any other movement or support orders for that season.

9. It is possible for one power to loan one or more specified supply centres under their control to another power, providing that the receiving power owns at least one centre themselves. Units may not be disbanded so as to allow a loan to be made. The recipient of a loan may, in turn, loan the centre to a third party. Loans may be ended at any time, but the recipient has until the next adjustments to secure other means of support. Units which are supported by loans dc not count towards fulfilling the victory conditions.

10. In any particular adjustments season, no power may construct more than two fleets.

11. Aquitania, Scythia and Larissa are double-coasted provinces. Alexandria and Athens are not, their two coasts are each linked by ancient canals and/or slipways which allow fleets to enter the province on one coast and leave from the other in the next turn.

12. Any unit may freely pass between two provinces which are connected by a Direct Passage link. These are Gades and Mauretania, Neapolis and Syracuse, Pergamum or Nicea and Thrace, Kherson and Colohis, and Sinai and Ptolemais. The actions of fleets in the sea spaces over which the Direct Passage link passes are completely unaffected. (It is as if the two land provinces were connected by a bridge beneath which fleets may pass unhindered).

13. Victory is achieved by the first power to control 25 self-supporting units on the board. A tie results in a joint victory.


AEG Aegean Sea; AFR African Sea; AIO Aiolic Sea; Alx Alexandria; Ant Antioch; Aqu Aquitania; Arb Arbela; Arm Armenia; Asp Aspis; Ath Athens; Atr Atrophene;

BAR Barca Sea; Bel Belgica; Ben Beneventum; Bru Brudisium;

Cha Charax; Cil Cilicia; Cis Cisalpine Gaul; Col Colchis; Com Commagene; Cre Crete; Cyp Cyprus; Cyr Cyrene;

Dur Dura;

ECe East Celtica; EEU East Euxine; EGY Egyptian Sea; Eph Ephesus; Epi Epirus; Ete Etruria;

Fre Fretus;

Gad Gades; Gal Galatia;

Had Hadrumetum; HEL Hellespont;

Ibe Iberia; IBS Iberian Sea; ION Ionian Sea; Ill Illyria; ISS Gulf of Issus;

Jer Jerusalem;

Khe Kherson; Kor Korinth;

Lar Larissa; LEV Levantine Sea; LGr Lower Germany; Lib Libya; LIG Ligurian Sea; LpM Leptis Magna; Lug Lugendensis; Lus Lusitania; Lyc Lycaonia;

Mae Maeotis; Mal Malacca; Mau Mauretania; Mel Melitene; Moe Moesia; MTA Melita Sea;

Nab Nabathea; NAD North Adriatic Sea; Nea Neapolis; New New Carthage; Nor Noricum; NTY North Tyrrhenian Sea; Num Numidia;

OAT Oceanus Atlanticus;

Pal Palermo; PAM Pamphyllian Sea; Pan Pannonia; Pap Paphlagonia; Pel Pella; Per Pergamum; Phi Philadelphia; Phr Phrygia; PIT Pityusean Sea; Pmy Palmyra; Pon Pontus; Pto Ptolemais;

Rav Ravenna; RED Red Sea; Rha Rhaetia; Rom Rome;

Sag Sagumtum; Sah Sahara; Sar Sardinia; Scy Scythia; Sel Seleukia; Sid Sidon; Sin Sinai; SRT Syrtis Gulf; STY South Tyrrhenian Sea; Syr Syracuse;

Thr Thrace; Tyr Tyre;

UGr Upper Germany;

Ven Venetia;

WCe West Celtica; WEU West Euxine