Deviants (rs07)

by Jonathan Hall

While playing Diplomacy, I found only one thing that could save me: a complete change of the rules. So, I devised a diverse deviant, or was that devrse dur vurst deviant. Rules are as follows:

1. The first move is dated Spring 1910.

2. No supports of any kind allowed until Fall 1914.

3. Countries start out with normal builds, except Russia does not get an army in Moscow.

4. Each winter, a player builds two units, no matter how many supply centers he has taken or lost.

5. Omitted

6. Each player can build up to two units if he has enough open home depots. If he doesn’t, or he elects to not build the two units, they are lost and cannot be saved.

7. Russia may build in Moscow if he wishes.

8. On the Summer of 1914, every country is adjusted so that the number of units is equal to the number of supply centers he owns. The player writes his disbands as in a normal game.

9. From Fall 1914 on the game is identical to normal. (Supports exist)

Another deviant

Three seasons to the year. In the first season (march) supports are not allowed. In the next 2 seasons, spring and fall, you move as in regular Dippy. Everything else is the same as in regular Dippy.