Deviant Diplomacy (rc04)

by Mark Lew

(Revised December 1983)

1. Before Spring 1901 and with every spring or fall turn; each player will propose a variant rule. GM will print proposals and indicate who proposed each.

2. With each spring or fall turn each player will vote for one or two of the rules in the most recently proposed set. GM will print players’ votes with their orders.

3. If a player does not propose a rule; his last proposed rule is reproposed; unless it has passed in which case it’s negation is proposed.

4. If a player does not vote; his vote is cast; for his own rule.

5. The rule with the most votes is put into effect for the game (insofar as it is relevant) immediately following the season in which it was elected. If more than one rule ties for most votes; all tying rules go into effect (in randomly determined order).

6. Victory criterion is a majority of centers; not 18.