Democratic Diplomacy (rs19)

By Tim Sharrock

1. All normal rules of diplomacy will be followed except as outlined below.

2. 5 Players will each submit one set of orders for one particular country.  This means that there are 35 players in the game.

3. The majority order for each unit will be the one used by the GM.  If there is no majority for one particular order then the unit concerned will not move during that season.

4. 35 separate sets of orders must be received by the GM. i.e. Order may not be collected by one person for a country who then send them on to the GM.

5. Only the resulting order of each unit will be printed.

6. If a player does not wish to submit orders for a unit or units in one season then he must state that he is abstaining or a standby player will be used next move. If no standby system is in operation then a country is not regarded as being in anarchy until the last of the five players has ceased to submit orders.

7. Unless indicated otherwise by the GM, separate orders will be required from the players concerned for retreats and builds. If there is no majority for a particular build order, then no unit will be built. If there is no majority for a particular retreat order, then the unit is eliminated.

8. Any orders arriving after the deadline will be ignored.  Orders which have arrived before the deadline will not be affected.